Photographic Art by Vivienne Frankel
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Welcome to Still Life With Cat Studio.  

What is Art Photography?  It's capturing an image and then transforming it into something interesting, arresting, beautiful or weird.  I specialize in photographic art from around the world; architecture, street art and nature are my canvas.  The art is in seeing what the photo "can be" and making it come to life.

All photographs are the original work of Vivienne Frankel; owner and creator of Still Life With Cat Studio.

Every photograph is individually edited and crafted into the art you see here. The paper used in the prints you purchase is Metallic Pearl.  It delivers a depth of field like no other paper and is the highest quality available.   Every piece is printed, signed and packaged by hand.  

Custom treatments;  metal, canvas and specialty papers are available on request.  Message for availability and prices.

Art is Life, Photography is Art

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